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If you're anything at all like me, you would have to agree there just isn't enough time in the day to get through everything we need to get done. With just one career I've had trouble juggling all of my responsibilities, but now I've added even more hats. 

I've been blessed to have had a marvelous career in veterinary medicine for over 20 years now. That wouldn't have been remotely possible without all the amazing people I've met and worked with along the way. When I wanted to chuck it all, they were there to encourage me to keep going and live my dream. Well, we did it! I've accomplished all I set out to do as a veterinarian and now it's getting time to pass the torch to those coming up after me and move on to my other dreams.

Speaking of that...

I've always enjoyed writing whether it was in a journal or making up short stories as a kid. It's been my escape, my comfort and yes even my therapist when I felt life was just spiraling out of control. Like many authors, I have storage containers filled with poetry and other manuscripts. Some are finished and others need a hell of a lot of work to get them ready to share with anyone else. I'm finally at a point in my life where I want to pull all of those out again and get cracking!  I've submitted my work to publishers and have been published with them now...twice! I'm also exploring all that the world of Indie/self-publishing has to offer with the release of my second book of poetry before the end of this month.

I've branched out into three other pen names: Lia Michaels and Stephanie Ryan, Tawny Savage and now Kat Seyes. I thought it was a great idea to have alter egos in order to write in all the genres that I love. I really didn't think  it was a good idea for me to write a young adult novel and have those fans pick up one of my erotic romances! LOL 

With my self-published works, I developed Sassy Vixen Publishing LLC. One day I'd like to have other authors join me and my alter egos. I want to give those talented new authors somewhere to go, to jump off into the wonderful world of being a published author and know they have a product with which they can be proud to call their own. Think of Sassy Vixen like a co-op with fellow authors, editors, cover artists and reviewers all under one roof. We will work together to publish and promote each other. What more could an author ask for?

I'm looking forward to many more years of writing, publishing and hosting fellow authors in my new career just as I have done with my veterinary career. Thank you for stopping in to check out a bit of my chaos! 

~Tammy (aka The Vixen and The Fat Chick)

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