Writer's Words of Wisdom/Tammy's Tidbits

Here are the links to my WWoW posts. Click on each to take you directly to each article. 

At one point there were four of us doing these posts. We even had a separate blog site for them. Unfortunately, we've all gone on to other things. Well, fortunately is a better term as all of us have continued to write and have our stories published traditionally with smaller presses and self publishing our own work. If you'd like to check out the other posts, feel free to click HERE to find them.  

The list above will continue to grow as I add more. I've learned, and continue to learn as I make my way through the publishing world. The advice I give works not only for authors, but for bloggers as well. I find it fascinating both of our worlds are connected on so many levels and yet we're considered separate entities. 

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