Memoirs of a 40 Something Fat Chick

Below you'll find the links to each individual Fat Chick post on this blog. As new posts go up, the list will grow. All rights reserved. copyright belongs to Tammy Dennings Maggy (me) 2011 to the present. The Fat Chick Memoirs are as I type this being prepared for publication in one novel this year. I decided to have that done since at the end of 2016 I will no longer be in my 40s. A milestone will be reached AND I'll have regained the rights to my very first novel from Siren Bookstrand. The timing is appropriate don't you think?

Now for the links to the posts...

Ode to the Forty Year Old Bladder

What the Hell Happened to My Glasses and Why Is the Print so Small?

Who the Heck Turned Up the Heat?

The Seven Witches of Menopause

The  Fat Chick Meets Another Witch of Menopause

When Did the Music I Love Become Oldies?

The Fat Chick Salutes the Cougar

The Fat Chick vs Holiday Blues and Depression

Patience Is No Longer a Virtue for The Fat Chick

The Fat Chick Celebrates Another Birthday and Discovers Parents Who Use Strollers as Weapons

The Fat Chick Makes Plans For A New Year Filled with Changes and New Adventures

Discovering the Wonderful World of Naps

Smashing a Common Myth About Women Over Forty

Another Cousin of the Seven Witches of Menopause

Running on Empty

The Fat Chick Pays the Price for Not Taking Her Own Advice

Confession Time for the Fat Chick

Starting a New Life Path

Update on the Move to Washington

Another Bump in the Road for The Fat Chick

The Fat Chick Finds Light at the End of the Tunnel

The Fat Chick is (finally) Moving to Washington

Relocated and Back in Business!

Fat Chick Helps to Turn November Orange

The Fat Chick Gets a Grip on One of Her Fears

Wake Up Calls and Heartbreak for the Fat Chick

On the Road to a Healthy Lifestyle

Three Weeks Down and Loving Life Again

Had it with Bullies and Their High School Games

The Fat Chick Weighs in on the KU Doomsday

Had it with Bullies Disguised as High Maintenance Creatures 

Change Is In the Air. The Fat Chick is Moving in a New Direction

What's With the Body Shaming, Cheryl?

Closing In On the Big Five O

The Battle Rages On and the Pain Cuts Deep

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