Links for my Pen Names and More

I'm currently writing under five different pen names. Four of them write erotica and erotic romances and the third writes YA, mainstream fiction and sweet romances. Here are the links to their pages.  By visiting the following pages, you will have the chance to sign up to follow all of these blogs and follow them on twitter and Facebook. Won't you join us on our adventures? 

Behind Closed Doors website/blog for Tammy Dennings Maggy  poetry and erotica/erotic romance

Sassy Vixen Publishing website and central spot for all things SVP. There you will find links to the new blogs and Sassy Vixen Reviews. I had to move them to the website and away from Blogger due to threats by Google/Blogger to put all adult content blogs behind a privacy wall. We hope to showcase other authors soon as well as a shared world series called Temptations Resort series.

Sassy Vixen Reviews with The Vixen review blog by Tammy Dennings Maggy. This is updated with new reviews when time allows. With writing and working 60 hours a week as a veterinarian, time is a precious commodity!

The House of Taboo website for Lia Michaels erotica/erotic romance and all things taboo. You'll find Lia has TWO blogs connected to her new Word Press site on HostGator. House of Taboo and Taboo II were moved from Blogger. All the old posts are there as well as the new ones. Stop in and subscribe to her site and keep up with all things taboo!

Through Stephanie's Eyes new website and blog for Stephanie Ryan mainstream fiction, sweet/sensual romance and YA categories/genres. She's also working on some children's books and having the time of her life.

Erotic Tales by Tawny Savage new website and blog for taboo erotica author Tawny Savage. My dark side comes out with this pen name. There may be romance in some of her stories, but they may not have the HEA romance readers demand. That's why I love writing as Tawny. She tells the dark fantasy, taboo, and monster erotica that folks love to read but won't admit it!

The Kat House newest Sassy Vixen has her own website and blog. She's penning a fictionalized memoir in The Bucket List series. Kat Seyes is my porn star turned billionaire alter ego and it's been a blast writing her stories!

Coming soon! I'm working on the website for my male alter ego Jackson Moriarity. I use him to write horror/thrillers. I wanted to try a male pen name to see if it would be as freeing as writing monster erotica. So far it's been a blast. I'll add the link as soon as it's live and ready for followers.

Author Amber Lea Easton is the whole package. She's a multi-published author, editor, public speaker and social media/promotion guru. If you love steamy romantic suspense that grabs you from the first page and keeps you guessing until the last sentence, Amber is the author for you. If you're an author in need of an editor who can bring out the best you have inside you...Amber is the one. Check out her website and see for yourself.



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