Saturday, July 7, 2012

More changes!

Our Wedding beginnings!
Hello all!
In the spirit of change, I decided to give this blog a make over. I will still post things about new releases and such, but the details will no longer be here. Instead, I will direct you to my other blogs and links for that information. Instead I wish to make this more of a personal web page for myself as a writer, poet, veterinarian, new wife and hopefully a mother. The guest spots can now be dedicated to my writer friends who are in genres other than the steamy erotica and erotic romance groups. It will be young adult friendly too.

In that vein, I am going to remove the adult content warning at the beginning of the blog and only post the warnings on individual posts if they're needed. Sometimes my "potty" mouth may get the best of me in a post and as such, there will be a warning at the beginning of it so folks who don't wish to read that, can opt out of that post and yet feel free to visit any other time without fear of having "taboo" pictures flashing on the screen.

So if you're an author, aspiring author or know one, spread the word that Not Enough Time in the Day is open for guest spots.

I hope those of you who are currently following, continue to do so. You know my Dr. Tammy spots won't stop. There is just too much material! LOL  I'm off to put together some presentations for our local street fair near my veterinary hospital. I'm doing three of them: heat stroke, toxoplasmosis, and common household toxins. The street fair is always a fun time and I get to be in full on Ask the Vet mode.

Knowledge is power and I"m out to educate as many pet owners as I can from noon until 6pm tomorrow!


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