Friday, May 3, 2013

Veterinarian, Poet, Author, Blogger, Reviewer, Publisher and...Ordained Minister?

My Universal Life Church Ordination

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You didn't read the title of my post incorrectly. Along with all the other hats I juggle daily, I'm also an ordained minister. The above graphic is a copy of my certificate that the Universal Life Church Monastery creates for me to use on any of my sites and social media.  As you can see by the date, I've been ordained since January.  Why'd I take so long to announce it?  Well, a lot was going on at that time and I sort of put this on the back burner.

My dear friend Tara asked me if I would honor her and her fiancee Aaron and perform their wedding ceremony. At that time, she didn't have an exact date  planned, just that she wanted me to be the one to help them proclaim their love to each other in front of their family and friends.  You better believe I said yes! 

Tara and Aaron live in Michigan so I made sure that state would recognize my credentials...and they do. No additional information was needed from me other than the certificate from the Monastery.  

The wedding is in August and we're working on what the couple wants to have in their ceremony. They are anything but traditional so it's going to be a little bit of this and a little bit of that joining the Christian and Pagan faiths as they are joining their families. I'm honored and blessed they asked me to join in their celebration in this manner. Now the hard part of paring down all our ideas into a short, sweet, and loving ceremony that joins this couple as well as their children from previous marriages.  I have no doubt it will be a ceremony to remember!

How do I know? My husband and I were married by his cousin who is also and ordained minister with the Universal Life Church and it was the happiest day of my life! I hope I can give Tara and Aaron even half the memorable day Liam's cousin gave to us.



  1. That is amazing. You are one awesome chick, Tammy.

    1. thanks, Jess. I do seem to be trying to do it all at the moment and making very little success or headway on any of them! Time to scale back a bit and enjoy things more. Right now, three WIP's have my attention, RomCon in June and my friend's wedding in August.

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