Tuesday, December 2, 2014

#WWoW: REBLOG from @StephRyanAuthor: How to upload files to your #kindle from other retailers and publishers

Welcome back to Not Enough Time in the Day. For this post I thought I would share a post my alter ego Stephanie Ryan blogged about today on Through Stephanie's Eyes. Many readers have expressed their desire to support their favorite authors but haven't a clue as to how they can get books for their kindles if not directly from Amazon. In fact, some thought their kindles couldn't read any files unless specifically coded from Amazon.

They have been misinformed.

Click HERE to read Stephanie's step by step on what to do. She also provides a link from AMAZON that explains the process as well. 

Amazon isn't the only game in town, people. Yes it's a huge retailer and great for one stop shopping, but if you want more ways to use your kindle and kindle apps efficiently, you should know how to upload files to your device. Not only books, but PDF files can easily be viewed through the app and readers. 

As an author who is published with a publisher and self published, I prefer to have all of my books available on multiple retail sites in order to give new readers the opportunity to find me and all of my pen names. I choose NOT to be exclusive to Amazon even though they do offer some nice little perks to do so. They appear nice on the surface, but their benefits don't always add up to more sales. I may put Stephanie's first book in KDP Select for the 90 days period to see how it fairs, but after that it's going out on all venues. 

Why not stay with Amazon and "force" readers to go that route? Amazon demands exclusivity and that includes not being able to give away free books. Everything has to come from them or it's breach of contract. For me, it's not worth the hassle of going exclusive with them, having their systems fail to do the preorders correctly, fail to do Kindle Countdowns correctly, fail to do the free promotions correctly...

Do I need to go on?

I've been been a published author since 2011. I celebrated my three year anniversary with Siren Bookstrand in September. I've self published now since January 2012 with the release of my first poetry book. I've learned a lot and am still learning from other authors, readers, publishers, and editors. Some of those lessons have been heartbreaking and damn near made me want to give up altogether but I didn't. I continue to push on because I love to write and share my stories. I do these Writer's Words of Wisdom posts to share the things I've learned along my journey. It's my way of helping others as I have been helped.

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