Thursday, July 21, 2011

First blog!

Hello all!  Welcome to my first blog here at "Not Enough Time in the Day"  I have been feeling a bit stressed out as of late so I thought what better title for my blog than that.  I may change it later so if you have any suggestions please feel free to drop me a line.

Right now I am getting down to the wire finishing the final edits for my very first novel For the Love of Quinn.  It will be the first book in my Now and Forever series and has been my "baby" for the last couple of years.  I have started and stopped working on it several times, but finally got it out to the publisher.  I was thrilled beyond belief when I received the email saying they wanted me to join their family of authors.  What a wonderful group they are too!

Working 10 hour days as a veterinarian and trying to get in time writing has been challenging at times, but somehow I managed.  When the idea for a scene strikes, I have to get it down on paper as soon as possible so I don't lose the moment in my head.   There is just too much rattling around in there to be perfectly honest! ;)  I have learned to make sure that I have at least one little notebook with me at all times to jot down my ideas and then worry about where they will go later.  Sometimes it's just a conversation between characters that pops into my head, or a long drawn out narrative of a scene that I want to build upon later.  Of course a hell of a lot of those notes and narratives haven't made it out of the notebooks yet, but one day they will!

For the Love of Quinn introduces several characters that will be in the next books of this series and I hope you all come to love them  as much as I do.  Our heroine, Quinn Hollis is a veterinary surgeon who finds herself in love with two men.  Both of them have a hold on her heart, but who wins it in the end remains to be seen.  Steve Eischer is the Vegas tycoon who sweeps Quinn off of her feet right from the moment they meet.  Jacob Hartley is the classic bad boy who sets her heart and mind racing whenever he is near.  She loves them both and when she thinks she has picked the one she wants, the other won't let her go.

So come along!  See who you think Quinn should choose and who will end up finding their always and forever in the next books in the series.  Oh and of course there will be a lot of hot sex!   LOL!

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