Monday, July 25, 2011

Some of the poetry inspired by my Now and Forever series

Hello All!  I've been busy working on my final edits and a lot of memories came flooding back.  I was on an emotional roller coaster at the time I was writing most of For the Love of Quinn and plotting out the next books in the series.  I wrote a lot during that time and still try to put new ideas to paper as soon as they hit me.  Besides the novels, a lot of poetry flew out of me and I thought I would share a little of it here with you.  Let me know what you think.

Forever Love (Always and Forever)

His emerald green eyes burn into hers right from the start.
Why can’t she speak? Why can’t she breathe?
When he looks at her, all she feels
Is the relentless pounding of her heart.
Strange and yet so familiar the way he makes her feel.
It’s as if they’ve been together always and forever.

Too shy to open up her soul;
Scared of rejection and humiliation
She is unable to tell him.
Days turn into weeks.
Months turn into years…
But his eyes and smile still haunt her dreams
And continue to pull at her heart.
Always yearning, forever searching
For those smoldering eyes to pull her in.

Life goes on. People come and go.
But something has always been missing
From a life filled with fleeting moments of joy
And way too much pain.
Always yearning, forever searching
For the one who could make her feel whole.

Lady Fate steps in, no longer leaving it to chance.
She is tired of watching and waiting…
For Her two lost souls to join each other…
For the love that has always been
And forever will be.

She takes control to bring them together
No more waiting, no more searching.
His eyes burn into hers once again…
This time there is a confession, her soul naked and open.
Still afraid of rejection, but willing to take the chance
To be able to stop always yearning, forever searching.
For her heart knows what it wants and what it needs
Always and Forever.


Darkest Hour

The pain of a love lost yet again
Is all consuming and gut wrenching.
And yet we will continue to suffer through
And hold out all hope.
It seems never-ending
Until one day your heart finally listens to your head.
It’s time to close the door
And throw away the key.
Just in time because you’ve reached
The frayed end of your rope.

Even in that darkest hour
You still believe things could change.
He’ll come back,
Realize his mistake.
Beg you to listen to him
Pour out his pain and sorrow.
But before you know it
He is gone once again
Telling you he will call tomorrow.

In this your darkest hour
You finally see that tomorrow will never come
He will go back to the world he left you for.
Cutting you out once again,
Leaving you unable to ask why,
In shock, and numb.

In this your darkest hour
You finally see
He wants his cake and
He wants to eat it too.
He wants your support,
And unconditional love,
But never once will he
Return those things to you.

Instead he takes and takes and takes some more
Leaving you sobbing,
And waiting by the phone.
He returns over and over and over again
Claiming he still loves you.
But he instead leaves you bare
Battered and alone.

In this your darkest hour
Your eyes are wide open
And you finally see…
He will never love you as you love him,
Even when he pleads with you
On bended knee.
It’s all an act.
It’s all make believe.
It’s time for you to turn your back
And walk away.
No longer letting your heart be deceived.
In your darkest hour
You realize the truths you have ignored
Will truly be what sets your heart free.

In your darkest hour
You will find the peace and light
That will mend your soul.
The wounds laid open for months on end
Will begin to heal
And slowly allow you to become whole.

For now you can wake up from the nightmare
That you had convinced yourself
Was just a dream.
Now you can wake up to find
The one who will put you first,
Love, honor and cherish you…
He will be everything you need.


If I Only Knew

If I only knew that sharing my secrets would be so painful
And bring so many tears,
Would I still share them with you
After all of these years?

If I only knew that my heart would fall
So fast and so hard,
Would I still believe you
When you played the “I love you” card?

If I only knew that my head
Couldn’t control my heart,
Would I have told you years ago
That I loved you right from the start?

If I only knew that the signs telling us
We were meant to be,
Were more than just coincidence
Would I have fought so hard to keep
My love for you my secret fantasy?

If I only knew that your proclaimed feelings
For me were real and true…
Would I have resisted the idea
That she was over you?

If I only knew why you keep going back to her
And the pain she inflicts on your soul,
Would I have given up on our love so easily
Or allowed our passion for each other to overflow?

If I only knew that our time would come
Could I still hold on
Until you were sure
I was your only one?

If I only knew you would live up to
Your promises to start anew,
Would I spend all of my nights
Now dreaming of having to say
The final goodbye to you?

If I only knew what you were thinking,
What your heart was truly feeling…
Could I be strong enough to trust you again
When you claim what has always been yours?
Would I be strong enough to walk away
When you once again become unsure?

If I only knew how it would all turn out…
Would I still love you?

The answer is yes.
Without a doubt.


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