Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Soul Sisters

How many of you have a group of friends who have been there for you through hell and back?  They don't have to have been in your life for as far back as you can remember, but the time they have been bonded with you has made your life rich beyond measure.  I am lucky to have five such women in my life.   One of them I have known since kindergarten and our friendship stood the test of time and separation and we are stronger now for it.  Another I reconnected with over the last two years and the friendship is more than I could have ever asked for.  We have found that we have so much more in common than we ever imagined when we were young, and now we can truly appreciate the blessings we give to each other. Another  sister looked me up on Facebook and we bonded over heartbreak, illness and the love of the paranormal.  She is my dear fae and forever holds a place in my heart.  Another is the practical one of us all, more of the protective Mamma Bear.  Threaten one of us and her claws come out and she will rip you to shreds.  Always there for you with a sympathetic ear and shoulder to cry on, but she will give you a swift kick in the butt when you need it too!  The newest one came into my life a bit unexpectedly.  She is the sister of one who I had been in love with since the tenth grade.  Through him, I got the privilege of getting to know someone with a heart of gold and a fierce protector of her family and friends.  Even though my relationship with her brother cooled, she remains in my heart as if she has always been there.

The last year was an emotional roller coaster for me.   I am currently in the end stages of divorce proceedings,  had my heart shattered beyond repair by someone I thought would be by my side through the next stages of my life, and nearly lost myself through it all.  For a short bit there, I lost sight of who I was and what I wanted to do with my life.  The pull to end it all was so great, but the love and support from my Soul Sisters was even greater.  They pulled me back from that darkness and now I am looking toward a bright future.

My first novel will be out next month and I am working on more.  I even pulled out files of books that have been works in progress for over 15 years.  I WILL finish those and submit them as well.  Finally, I will be living the dream of being a writer and hopefully very soon a FULL TIME writer.   Time will tell for that one, but I know I will have the support of my friends and family.  They deserve to share in the joy that is my life now because they stood by me through it all.  

I wrote a poem for them and recently had it framed and sent to them as a surprise.  The six of us will be together soon, but I wanted them to have their gift from me before I got into town.  I didn't share the poem with anyone before now.  I hope you enjoy it and that you are blessed with people in your life like my Heart and Soul Sisters.  I love you girls!

Heart and Soul Sisters

Bound together by all but blood,
Two sets of three drawn together
After all of these years.
Mothers, daughters, sisters, friends…
Always supporting
Never to judge.
Loss of loved ones,
Empty nests,
We’ve helped each other through
Some of life’s hardest of tests.

Ups and downs.
Joys and fears.
Smiles and Frowns.
Laughter and tears.
Three by three we stand
Meeting each challenge hand and hand.

Fascinating women each and every one,
All on their own.
But together they are
An unstoppable force.
When one is in need
The others rally around
So they are never alone
But instead meet life’s challenges
Head on and full throttle
Which for these women is par for the course.

I am blessed to count myself
As part of this group of friends
I hold dear to my heart.
For without them,
I would have lost all hope
And fallen apart…
Whenever they’re in need
I will be there as I know
They will be for me.
For it’s now and forever
In my heart and soul
Will these sisters be.


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