Saturday, August 24, 2013

Who Are You Trying to Kid?

by Danillo Rizzuti/
      When I first let it be known that I was writing erotic romance, I got my fair share of comments about me writing porn.  I put up with that long enough.  Erotica is NOT PORN!!!  I write characters who use explicit language in and out of the bedroom.  I describe what my characters see, feel and taste when they are with their partner or partners.  I write the way I talk and I do swear, sometimes a hell of a lot.  The intent is to give let the reader experience the whole thing with the if they were one of them.  
      If you want "darn," "heck," "whoopy," or "shoot," you need to look elsewhere. If you want flowery language that's vague or only hints at what is going on under the sheets, then you have found the wrong author.  
      I'm not knocking those kind of romances.  I read enough of them over the years and enjoyed them immensely, but I prefer the more explicit and graphic novels now.  I enjoy how reading and writing those scenes makes me feel about myself and my love life with my Muse.  I know for a fact there are more people like me out there than not.  I just find it funny that people deny it.
      For example, on my Goodreads profile, one woman commented on the page for For the Love of Quinn with "no thanks."  No thanks?  No one offered it up to her as a recommended read. She found it on a search and decided that she had to make her opinion known.  Funny thing is, her profile is private.  Makes me wonder if she is a closet erotica fan but doesn't want members of her family or church group to know that she is.  My advice for her is to keep to her "preferred" book list and leave mine alone.
      I have had people recommend books and movies to me that I didn't feel I would enjoy so I never read them or watched them.  There are a few that I did and regretted it, and then there were some that were fantastic surprises. 
      So how about keeping an open mind when it comes to erotic romance.  If it's not your cup of tea, then so be it.  Just don't get on your holier than thou soap box and claim that what I write is porn or smut especially if you've never even got past the cover.  You take the time to read it and then say you didn't like it, well then fine.  At least you gave it a chance.  
      I have my adult disclaimer on both of my blogs for a reason.  If anyone is searching the Web and found it by accident, you will be told do not go any further if you are not over 18.  That alone should be a clue to you to leave if you are not into that or if your kids are hanging around you when you are online.  Why the hell would you open the site up?  The responsibility lies with you.  I warned you and you chose to enter.  Don't complain about my explicit photos or videos. Don't complain about my explicit book excerpts or my language.  You entered at your own risk.  It's all on you.
Honeymoon Lovers Piyaphon/
      That being said, for those of you who enjoy what I post here and on my other blog Behind Closed Doors, keep coming back.  I'll keep posting my stuff and that of my fellow authors.  We'll all get to know each other better and pick up some hot reads for our book wish lists.  If you know someone who would like what we post here, send them on over.  They are all welcome here!

Until next time my friends!  


  1. Good point, Tammy! Each to his own. It'd be boring if we all liked the same things - and same book genres. Keep up the good work!

  2. Good point, Tammy! Each to his own. It'd be boring if we all liked the same things - and same book genres. Keep up the good work!


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