Thursday, July 25, 2013

#ThursdayThirteen: @itlnbrt Shares A Teaser From The Sweet #Romance In My Mother's Footsteps

Welcome to Not Enough Time in the Day. I'm happy to announce I've brought back the Thursday Thirteen feature and to kick things off, we have author Forbes Arnone.  She's the alter ego of author Jennifer Garcia. She's agreed to share the first thirteen sentences from her sweet romance set in Hawaii. 

Jennifer Garcia’s (aka Forbes Arnone) love of travel began when she traveled to the West Coast to visit her father at the age of three. Her home until she was sixteen was a small coastal town near Boston. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband, two sons, and two dogs.

Her lifelong love for reading and writing was put aside for many years while she made her way in the world and nurtured her young family. Even though she is older, and life never seems to settle, she’s finding her way while attending college full-time in pursuit of a B.A. in English Literature. She also runs a business, and is still caring for her family. Believing she can do it all, with the help of her family, she worked on her first novel during the late hours of the night while balancing the rest of her life during the day. Her hard work paid off, as her first novel, My Mr. Manny, will be published August 2013.

Today's teaser comes from In My Mother's Footsteps 


Anela Alborn’s life is a lie. After growing up without the love of a father, her mother reveals his identity. Tragedy strikes and she sets off on an adventure that leads to more than she could ever imagine. Bumping into Christian Sivers distracts her from the real man of her dreams, her father. Will he live up to her dreams? And does she follow in her mother’s footsteps?

First Thirteen 

“Anela,” Lennie Metting, our family attorney and longtime family friend, said as he tried to get my attention. “Anela, I need to know that you understand what I’ve read to you. Go through those papers soon; your graduation gift is in there as well. She left it with me, not knowing if you’d want to see her, but she wanted you to have it.”

I nodded in reply.

Lennie and I were sitting in comfortable, dark brown, leather chairs next to the window in his office. The space was made up of sleek lines and cold metals that looked as solemn as I felt. The beautiful view of the ocean with Angel Island in the distance spilled in through the grand window, contrasting with both the d├ęcor and my mood. While tears streamed down my face, the beauty was lost on me. I sat in a complete daze and tried to process what the man sitting across from me had said.

“Would you like some water?” he asked.

Shaking my head, I looked up and met his steel-gray eyes. 

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