Thursday, September 5, 2013

#Sockpuppets Run Amok on Goodreads: When Will It Be About the WRITING Again?

Hello everyone! Welcome to Not Enough Time in the Day. 

Once again we're faced with the sad inappropriate actions of a few people. First we have the author creating multiple accounts on Amazon in order to move his book up the ranks and slam his competition with low rated reviews. It was because of him Amazon randomly deletes reviews written by an author for another simply because they are "competition." Nevermind the reviews are four and five stars.

Then we have people abusing the tagging system on Amazon, using it as a way to bully the author or overall just make asses of themselves. Amazon took the tagging system away because of that childish behavior on the main site. The UK and other sites seem to have it still...for now.

Then we get "writers" stealing the work of published authors and passing it off as their own. Not just a sentence or two here and there, mind you but the ENTIRE BOOK, only bothering to change a few names.

Let's not forget the war between authors and reviewers/book bloggers. This one is ongoing, ebbing and flowing depending on the week. 

Now we're back to sockpuppets again on Goodreads. What on earth possesses an author to spend time to create over 160 fake accounts just to move a newly published book up the ranks of readers lists? What possible motive is there other than making an ass out of himself?   Why not take that extra energy and actually PROMOTE your work on the social media sites. Go on and get to know potential readers instead of creating them.

All those four and five star reviews given to yourself? They mean NOTHING. Your attempts to low ball your competition actually brings them more publicity and more sales. Go ahead and keep doing what you're doing buddy! The authors you've attacked are now reaping the benefits while you will be persona non grata very soon. 

Check out my post on Behind Closed Doors and that of Travis Luedke to find out more. Spread the word and help us stop this author and all those like him. We know who you all are. It's only a matter of time before the rest of the world knows too.

Just sayin'

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