Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Confession Time for the #FatChick #amwriting #MyWANA

Welcome to Not Enough Time in the Day and today's edition of my fat chick memoirs. It's time to come clean to everyone. I've been going through some major upheavals as of late and once again I've put my health and well-being on the back burner. Not good. No, not at all.

Because I've let the stress of my crazy life get to me yet again, I've done a bit of a backslide in my weight loss program and my blood sugar has been out of sorts. It's not super high or anything, but enough to make me feel crappy again. Without the energy to keep going, I've let everything slide including my writing.


Having four pen names is hard enough, but when you couple that with health issues that drain your energy and a full time job as a veterinarian you hit the wall and hard. I've gained seven of the twenty five pounds I lost since my journey began and it makes me so mad at myself. I've got no one to blame but me for this. I allowed the stresses to take over and just went back to my old habits of snacking while I worked on my current WIP for each pen name. I've let the housework slide again after I just got it all caught up too. ARRRRGGGHHH!!!

Besides the bad side effects of raising my blood sugar, blood pressure and gaining weight, my creativity with my writing has dropped off. I can't have that happen if I expect to have two novellas completed for a summer anthology, a third stand alone novella to complete a monster erotica series and get another series off and running before the end of the summer months. Yes, it's only February, but before I know it we'll be in June and I'll be out of time and my sanity will be gone.

I know it's common to make resolutions for the new year and then promptly break them all before the end of January, but I didn't want to be one of those statistics. I wanted to be able to continue moving forward even if it was just with small steps. Now I've found myself pushed back a few miles and ashamed of myself for it. I thought having this blog to keep myself focused would be the key, but then I dropped off posting here too. I turned within myself and buried it all...AGAIN.

So here I am moving forward from this point. It's the best I can do. I can't go back and change what I've already done. I have to move forward and keep moving in that direction even if it's only baby steps. Eventually I'll get to the finish line, but I'm not going to stress over the fact it's taking me longer to get there.

The same goes for my writing goals. I've put too many things on my plate, setting myself up for failure. This week I'll whittle things down to the anthology and the monster erotica and not freak out that the new series will be out later in the year. I'm the publisher for crying out loud! LOL! I can change the deadlines to whatever I want them to be. It's why I decided to start up Sassy Vixen Publishing in the first place and here I was putting unrealistic deadlines on myself. What a dork! LOL

Whew! Just writing that down makes it more official to me. I feel a huge weight lift off my shoulders. More streamlining is in the works this week as I filter out even more baggage. I'm ditching yahoo groups, some tribes on Triberr, revamping my connections on all social media outlets and overall giving myself permission to breathe.

Until next time
~The Fat Chick


  1. I think we all fail at balancing and keeping from overfilling our plates. I know I do, therefore I would like to think everyone does! Good luck with your whittling!

    1. Thank you! I have to keep at it or I'm going to drive not only myself bonkers but those around me as well. Not a pretty picture. LOL

  2. It takes work,balancing things, but once it's done, it's so worth it. And I think taking care of yourself is a great resolution!

    1. Thank you, Lynn! I really have to work on putting myself first for a change. I've always made sure those around me were taken care of first and I would just take care of myself whenever. Well, whenever kept not happening so I'm in this state now. Have to turn it around and find the balance even if it means putting some things on long term hold while I figure it all out.


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