Saturday, September 13, 2014

The #FatChick is Moving to Washington! #MyWANA #amwriting

It's been nearly a month since my last entry and The Fat Chick has more news. As you recall, last month I was hit with a set back when the two positions I thought were a sure thing fell through. I had to scramble to pick up extra shifts at my current veterinary hospital and try to hold things together until we figured it all out. Here's what happened since then:

  • I've signed the contract for the salaried relief position in the Seattle Metro area. I got a raise, increase in my continuing education allowance and some other perks. 
  • We found an apartment and move in on October 1st. It's in a central area so my commute to the other hospitals won't be horrible. Well, "mileagewise" it won't be bad at all, but the traffic jams will keep me on the road two hours each way.
  • We've finalized our move out date with our current landlord and on decent terms considering hubby has been here for ten years and only signed a one year lease. LOL!
  • The military will move and store the majority of our stuff for free. They'll store it for a year. After that, it's up to us. No problem!
  • We'll have to get another moving service to help us get the "essentials" to the apartment that's half the size of the house we're renting.
  • Release dates for the current works in progress have been postponed due to this upheaval but will be back on track once we're in Washington.

While I'm a little sad that the release dates for the Bigfoot book as Tawny Savage and the anthology are delayed, it's for the best. I don't want to rush it and end up not putting out my best work because I was more concerned with the dates. The romantic suspense as Stephanie Ryan my still come out by Halloween, but I'm looking more at mid-November to give myself time to get it edited properly.

Now with the path a little less cluttered, I'll be able to concentrate on my health issues again. I'm excited that the new place has a fitness room, swimming pool and trails on property for walking. No excuses! 

I'm sure I'll be shedding a hell of a lot of tears yet before we make our move north to Seahawks country, but this time they'll be happy ones and not those of fear and frustration. It's amazing how your outlook on life can change when things start to fall into place again. 

Thank you to everyone for standing by me through this and for your patience with the release dates. Life sure does have a way with screwing up schedules and deadlines but I'm hoping this time I'll be able to roll with the diversions and keep moving forward.

Until next time,
~The Fat Chick aka Tammy

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