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Thursday Thirteen from Manipulating the List

Welcome back my friends! Author K.B. Lever joins us today on Not Enough Time in the Day and shares the first thirteen lines from the first book in her Immortal Companion Series. Manipulating the List follows Katherine Sheppard as she befriends a being she calls The Collector. Like Death, he must travel from place to place collecting the souls of people on his list. At some point in time, Katherine has to help him collect those souls in order to push her own name further down the list. 


At age six, Katherine Sheppard meets the person who will become her best friend - a friend she chooses to call the Collector. Their friendship will flourish for 16 years until the day comes when that friendship transforms into a game of manipulation and survival - with no escape. 

Desperately trying to keep from losing her own life, she finds she must now assist in the deaths of others. She cleverly stays one step ahead of the law, but soon discovers she must also stay one heart-pounding step ahead of the Collector…to keep her name from becoming first on his list.

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First Thirteen Lines from Manipulating the List

I was six years old at the time, but I remember it like it was yesterday.  So amazing; so enchanting; so exciting; it felt as if I had been riding a death-defying rollercoaster at the world’s most popular amusement park; or marveling at a rare, once in a lifetime comet, flying across the star-filled night sky.

I don’t know why I was able to see him or why I was allowed to watch as he performed the sacred transition of souls from this world to the next, but it was one of the most intense and amazing things I’d ever witnessed. The Collector, as I chose to call him, hunted with methods of stalking that reminded me of my childhood cat, Leo. He would patiently wait, remaining motionless as he lurked in the view of only the unseen eye, waiting for the exact minute of the victim’s predicted death to pounce and collect their soul.

The entire transition was an entrancing dance where the partner had no choice but to follow the deadly lead. A beautiful, fully choreographed dance that mesmerized the victim and every step was in time with the quickened heartbeat.

The Collector would reveal himself in a physical form just before locking eyes with his victim and temporarily send them into a fear-driven state of paralysis, which in turn allowed him to perform the collection. Only at that precise moment, as they are under a spell of lucidity, are they able to see the Collector for what he truly is – a collector of souls, the entity Death. I’d never seen anything like him, and he’d never seen anything like me.

Recalling those days, I’d watched him collect three souls in a matter of a few short months. The first two collections were comparable to a raindrop lost in a thunderstorm, random people out of thousands with no significance to me.

About the Author

K.B. Lever strives to become one of North Carolina’s most beloved storytellers and is busy working on the next books in her Immortal Companions series.

A life full of love, laughter, and curious twists and turns has brought her success, happiness, and fulfillment of her many passions!

The author lives in North Carolina with her daughter and family and works as a Paramedic for a large municipality.

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