Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The #FatChick Asks: When Did the Music I Love Become #Oldies? #MyWANA

Welcome back to my weekly spot on Not Enough Time in the Day. I'm Tammy aka "the Fat Chick."  This is the week I realized I've turned into my mother. Not physically of course, but from the view of my taste in music.

When I was a kid, my mom and dad loved to play "the Oldies." I have to admit I enjoyed them as much as they did. Who didn't love the Beach Boys, anything from Motown, Jan and Dean, Patsy Cline, and the Righteous Brothers? My generation...those of us in our forties now, had the blessing of sharing the music our parents loved.  

Of course as I got older, my tastes in music branched out. I lived through the Disco Era of the 70's, the fabulous 80's including the hair bands, and the music of the 90's including grunge.  All of those bands still resonate with me today and I have them all on my iPod. Don't get me started on my CD collection.  (I'll refrain from telling you about the cassettes I had of SINGLES...LOL)

So tell me, when the hell did MY MUSIC become oldies?

When did Motley Crue, Warrant, Winger, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Michael Jackson, Madonna, AC/DC, and Rush all move into that category? I mean besides Michael Jackson, all of these examples are still making music today. You should see the look on some of my younger coworker's faces when I talk about the "early stuff" from these bands and so many more. You would have thought I made their brain implode demonstrating I know all the words to just about every single Def Leppard and Heart song ever released.

Here is another one to blow your mind. Heart teamed up with Jason Bonham on drums to honor one of the greatest bands of all time. And yeah, Led Zeppelin is considered and Oldie band now too. WTH???

Oh wait, it's called "Classic Rock" now on some stations. Talk about making a broad feel real old, really fast. 

The more I thought about it, the more I got riled up. I'm not going out like that and neither is the music I grew up with and still love. Instead of pulling out my rocker and walker, I'm going to keep introducing these youngsters around me to the best damn music EVER recorded. By doing that, I'll help bring more fans to these bands who're still rocking. 

Hell, if The Rolling Stones can get their old, wrinkled selves up on stage and give you over two hours of a mind blowing live show, then maybe being labeled  classic or an oldie isn't so bad.

So join me and raise your flicked Bic for the one and only Aerosmith.  This song resonates with all generations so together we can ROCK ON!!!

 Until next week,
~The Fat Chick

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