Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Poem for a long awaited child

Remember When

I remember when I first dreamt
Of the day you would arrive.
I wished and prayed our time together
Would finally be real
And not just a fantasy.
How could someone so small
Take over our entire lives?
I remember when I held you in my heart
Long before I would ever hold you in my arms,
With your wonder-filled eyes
Looking up at me.

I remember when I craved
The feel of your soft cheek
Resting against my chest.
As you lay sleeping,
The image stirs up dreams of the day
You would take your first steps,
Say your first words,
Smile for the first time,
Have your first date,
Grow up and leave
Our happy nest.

The years continued to fly by
And still I dreamed of you.
I remember when
The Goddess promised me
You would be here some day soon.

Now is the time.
Nothing will stop you now.
Ready or not, here you come,
Racing toward the finish line.
I remember when
A moment of fear passed
As suddenly as it came.
The pain is part of the journey
To bring you home to me;
Your body flushed with excitement
As you heard your name.
Ten tiny fingers.
Ten tiny toes.
Eyes wide open
So you can finally see.

I remember when our eyes met
And all doubts disappeared.
Smiles of recognition
Replace all of our tears.
“Hello, Sweet Child.”
We finally meet.
We’ve waited so long
For you to arrive.
It’s our time at last.
Our family is complete.

Tammy Dennings Maggy

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