Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ode to the Forty Something Year Old Bladder of This #FatChick #MyWANA #ASMSG

Welcome to this week's edition of Memoirs of a Forty Something Fat Chick. I'm Tammy..."the fat chick" and each week I'm detailing my journey through finding my way to better health. This week I thought I'd fill you in on part of my life I'm sure many women can relate to...the inability to go without a bathroom for more than a few hours, if that.

That's right. I'm talking about the good old bladder control issues, squirting when you sneeze or laugh too hard, or just take a deep breath. It's bad enough my bladder shrank by 50% the INSTANT I turned 40, but now at 46 with diabetes AND a diuretic on board I can't be more than 100 yards from a bathroom at any given moment!

My friends and family used to make a joke that we couldn't pass a rest area without me having to ask to stop. Before I turned forty, it really wasn't much of an issue. Scratch that. I have to say it started in my late thirties...sort of like peri-menopause (topic for another post!). Before the actual bladder shrinkage and leakage age, my body thought it would give me practice having to always know the nearest bathroom location wherever I happened to be.

Now here I am at a point in my life where I already own stock in the Poise Pads company and my trips to the loo have more than doubled. I drank plenty of water before diabetes entered my life. Combine that with having to take the diuretic for my blood pressure and you see my dilemma.

The commercials on television, although funny as hell don't help matters. For one, laughing during them usually brings on a "little" accident. LOL! Come to think about it, I bet those companies do those commercials on purpose. Bastards! LOL  Here's one that used to get me giggling all the time.

Hopefully, as my weight loss plan continues on it's merry way, I'll get more control over my bladder. My goal is to be able to stop taking the diuretic and get my blood sugar regulated back to normal. That would mean no insulin injections in my future..bonus! It also means I'll stop chugging so much water. I swear my back teeth are floating most of the time. ;)

I do have good news. I've lost a total of ten pounds so far in these two weeks since I got my ass in gear. I've been checking my blood every morning and can tell if I had too many carbs the night before. There's no hiding the fact when the numbers pop up on the One Touch.

Tomorrow I have my Diabetes Management class. Hubby informed me he took the day off to be able to go with me. Wow. I didn't expect that but that's just one more reason why I love the man. He said, "I got to be there for my boo. I want to be sure she's with me for another 50 years."

Me too, honey. Me too.

Until next time,

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