Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The #FatChick's Discovered the Wonderful World of Naps #aging #MyWANA

Welcome back to this week's edition of Memoirs of a Forty Something Fat Chick. This week I'd like to share a secret...

I love naps.

I swear as soon as the clock struck midnight on my fortieth birthday, not only did my bladder shrink to the size of a walnut, my vision wet out the door, I had more hot flashes than a Vegas pole dancer, but my body immediately wanted to drop off for some zzzz.


Actually, I'm not really complaining about that one. I've found a power nap in the afternoon can give me that added boost I need to get through the rest of the day. I'm starting to rush through eating my lunch at work so I can whip out my travel pillow and take a siesta. Remember when we were in grade school and we had quiet time where we could just lay our heads down on the desk and take a break?  Yeah, that's me EVERY DAY now. I kid you not.

I live for that little nap and if I can get an hour in...well, let's just say I'm absolutely over the moon. For some reason, being able to get that bit of "me" time not only recharges my batteries, but it makes me think I'm doing something decadent. Sure the house is a mess, but this broad needs to hug her pillow for a bit before she even THINKS about tackling the dishes and the laundry.

When I finally got my butt into the doctor in September, I had taken the art of napping to the extreme. That's when I knew something was wrong with me. The little power naps weren't helping. I found myself dozing off for HOURS and losing an entire day. That wasn't healthy for me or for my marriage. Now that I have my weight loss program going and my diabetes is nearly controlled, I'm back to just dabbling in the dream world during the day and saving all the power sleeping for the nights curled up with the hubby.

Speaking of that—Goodnight my peeps! it's 1:33am now and time to curl up and dream a little dream.

Until next week,

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